Rebecca in Maleisië

Since February 2015 I’m taking my master’s course in International Business Communications at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation. The past six months I received a lot of questions about why I chose APU and why Malaysia, as people were very surprised about my decision. However, after my whole life spending in Netherlands it was time to do something totally different and to see the world, plus expand my professional skills internationally. Asia was on top of my list, since it is the opposite of what I am used to and after the traveling I experienced in 2012 around Asia. I immediately knew I wanted to return here.

It’s about integrating into a new culture and really getting under the roof of a country, like do things that will take me out of the comfort zone, whether it is food, shopping or a bit of pampering. The great things of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is that you can find experiences here that can fulfill all your wildest: travel-related, work-related and free time activities. Adding to that, the great weather and the fact that the standard of living is very affordable.

Malaysia, especially APU, has many perks like encountering many new cultures here and the easy way you make contact with other expats and students from all over the world. Also I get to experience new things, like events, conferences and trips in my field of interest organized by APU. Travel gets a whole new dimension due to dream destinations that are reachable in a heartbeat. Because it is illegal to work under student visa, APU provides on-campus part-time jobs and other extra curriculum activities. Another advantage of studying in APU is the wide range of study resources provided on the Internet and in the library, which means less study supplies needed to buy, like books etc.

The classes itself are very interactive and assignments that are given are practical and useful, besides that I think it's a good thing that it is mandatory to wear formal attire in the campus as it already gives a sense of professionalism. All in all I feel a great pleasure and limitless satisfaction by staying here during my studies and I am even planning to stay here for extra experience after I finish my masters.