Tommy Lee in Maleisië

I am an international student enrolled at Asia Pacific University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in their International Business Management Degree program.

My major concern before arriving in Kuala Lumpur was the culture difference and how I would adjust to a completely different life style, it was a culture shock. Luckily, from the second I arrived in Malaysia, the school’s Student Welcome Team, the administration, especially my counsellor Ms. Syakirin, has all given me great guidance, and helped me every step of the way. Extra-curricular activities are organized by the school and other student run organizations often. They were a great way for me to meet and interact with different students from all over the world.

 APU’s student body is very diverse. The school organizes a Student Welcome Party for every intake, freshman are able to meet students from the entire intake. There is also an annual Multi-Cultural Night where students are able to celebrate their own culture and perform dances, songs, acts etc. on stage with a large audience. All the activities at the school create a great atmosphere around campus while building strong bonds between the student populations.

The classes and the studies are challenging; however the lecturers are always there to explain and aid in learning. There are varieties of resources available ranging from online e-databases to personal appointments with lecturers; the lecture slides are available online through Webspace. The lecturers usually have a good relationship with the students, and I believe this really helps in the learning process. They also gave a performance for the Multi-Cultural Night mentioned earlier.

I have not regretted choosing Asia Pacific University and my stay in Kuala Lumpur has been unforgettable so far. I would rate my experience in Kuala Lumpur and Asia Pacific University very positive. I am looking forward to my next two years here and thanks to Study-Globe for opening this window of opportunity!